What we do

We make clients investment ready, through Meaning & Measures.

Torin Group’s strategic framework encompasses the client's vision, key objectives and priorities into a measurable model that identifies the right metrics for success.

This framework will make our clients better positioned for funding, growth or exit.

Other specific services to support our clients get investment ready include:

Case Study:

Our client, a growing niche financial services firm, was looking to grow its business by acquiring smaller firms in target markets and expanding its geographic presence.

Having previous unsuccessful acquisition attempts, the client enlisted Torin Group to perform due diligence, develop a valuation and acquisition structure, and provide post-acquisition integration support.

We deliver investment and funding strategies for our clients, providing Dollars and Direction.

Torin Group’s funding assessment model is a balanced due diligence exercise that evaluates all areas of acquisition for the investment target or the investor, to determine valuation and go/no go direction.

This model ensures our clients find the right solution to their funding, exit or growth needs. Ours is a transparent approach that helps you find the right financial fit to meet your growth needs.

Our services include:

We help our clients create new partnerships and
opportunities by integrating them into our ecosystem.

We leverage a strong ecosystem of businesses at all stages and all sectors - from start up to succession ready, from technology to biotech to financial services to healthcare, to create a community for our clients to harness best practices, new clients and business ventures, and where targets and investors can come together.