What we’ve done

Case Study - Investment Strategy & Advisory Support


Our client, a growing niche financial services firm, was looking to grow its business by acquiring smaller firms in target markets and expanding its geographic presence.

Having previous unsuccessful acquisition attempts, the client enlisted Torin Group to perform due diligence, develop a valuation and acquisition structure, and provide post-acquisition integration support.


Due diligence

Using our acquisition framework, Torin Group conducted a fact-finding mission to determine if the target was a fit for acquisition, and what deal made the most sense for the client.

Key due diligence activities included the following:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Management Interviews and Evaluation
  • Operations Review
  • Client Segment Analysis
  • Human Capital Review
  • Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis

Valuation and deal structure

Based on the initial assessment, Torin Group then developed a valuation for the target firm. Our findings led us to give our client a “Go” decision – a recommendation to proceed and make an offer to the target firm. Torin Group worked with both parties to negotiate and structure the deal– a combination of cash and debt – and restructured the management team’s roles, responsibilities and compensation model.

Post-acquisition integration support

Having successfully delivered on the due diligence and deal phases of this project, Torin Group then supported several key post-acquisition work packages, including:

  • Legal and administrative activities – multi-jurisdiction regulatory requirements, and ownership structure completion
  • Human capital – job and compensation calibration, staffing model changes, onboarding integrated staff with new performance plans, HR policy standardization, identification of redundancies and skill shortages
  • Information systems and technology – IT hardware, software and cloud integration, premises, system training
  • Client and admin processes – reviewing and aligning all internal workflows with standard procedures
  • People change management – communication planning, stakeholder engagement planning, supporting senior management to address key questions and concerns


Torin Group was able to successfully deliver results for our client:

  • Sales continue to grow as synergies are realized between each division
  • Post-merger, the client reports increased morale and employee satisfaction year over year in both populations (parent firm and acquired firm)
  • The client’s management team enlisted Torin Group services for a follow up acquisition transaction immediately after the completion of this project
Case Study - Market Expansion


Our client is a financial services firm that is building national presence in Canada, with the exception of the Quebec market. The firm was looking to build a base of Quebec clients, and was presented with a partnership opportunity that also included the potential to establish a European presence.

Torin Group was engaged to assess the opportunity, deliver a go/no go recommendation and an action plan for expansion.


Due diligence

Using our framework, Torin Group conducted a deep due diligence exercise delivering on the following activities:

  • Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis
  • Management Interviews
  • Financial Analysis, including revenue forecasting
  • Client Segment Analysis

Valuation and deal structure

Based on the initial due diligence and key information obtained during our assessment, Torin Group developed a valuation of the market opportunity and delivered a recommendation to proceed. Torin Group facilitated negotiations with our client and the potential partner to finalize partnership terms.

Action Plan

Torin Group delivered an action plan to help focus our client on the critical next steps to execute on their market expansion strategy, which included:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Regulatory and Jurisdictional Compliance
  • Compensation and Performance Management
  • Financial Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Management


The client has exceeded targets in all business development activity and sales performance indicators (client touch points, leads, referrals, and sales). The partnership has delivered brand awareness and new business opportunities overseas, and strong synergies in terms of strategy, sales and operations.

Case Study - Connecting Strategy To Investment


Our client is a start-up biotech company that just completed the development of their initial prototype of a hand held device used to monitor blood counts. The device uses innovative technology to analyze blood, leading to opportunities for better monitoring, and improved patient treatment. The client had initial discussions with VC firms to secure funding and was seeking advice on developing a strategic roadmap for their product.

Torin Group was engaged to assist in developing a strategic roadmap and identify key actions to become investment ready.



Torin Group led a strategic review of each aspect of the client’s existing business plan and product development to date.

  • The existing strategy
  • Founder and investor objectives
  • Competitive and SWOT Analysis
  • Regulatory requirements, timelines and milestones
  • Product positioning and distribution plan
  • Revenue forecast
  • Cash flow modeling

Business Plan Review

The review brought out several new pieces of information, and identified potential risks that required mitigating plans. This process led the client to make significant changes to its business plan, with support from Torin Group.


The client leveraged an updated business plan, and new management structure to focus on key areas that Torin Group identified, resulting in a clearer view of investment needs, go-to-market strategy and the client decision-making process for sales.

The client has raised funding through several grants, finalizing its prototypes for clinical trials, with an eye on market launch within 12 months.