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Mark McDougald is a nationally-known leader in the Mortgage Industry. He regularly trains employees of Fortune 500 companies on the process of home ownership. Mark is CEO of FirsTrust Mortgage. His leadership has earned FirsTrust an excellent reputation as the third largest independent mortgage company in the Kansas City Metropolitan Market. Mark has orchestrated lending of over one billion dollars in residential mortgages and led FirsTrust to national acclaim. Mark participates in the Mortgage Bankers Association of America and Lenders One, a National Alliance of Mortgage Bankers.

What drives me....
I ask each employee...”what did you do to change their lives?”. I never ask, “did you get them the right loan?”. I know they did. But I expect more from them. I expect them to make a difference. Each client presents a unique opportunity to ensure they are using money to increase their financial future! We discuss everything from wills, estates and life insurance to new purchases, new births and divorce. Each one of these factors affects your life drastically, shouldn’t it affect your single largest asset too?

For My Clients....
Every one of my Loan Officers is CMPS-Certified. They are trained to understand taxation and equity management. My Clients deserve the best, and just like I wouldn’t let a 1st year med student perform my heart surgery, I won't let a basic broker tell my clients how to save for their children’s future, or their retirement!

For My Company....
Each one of my employees stands by and understands one thing: We are not just selling loans. We are not just funding mortgages. We are providing an investment vehicle, brought to them by the American Dream of home ownership. And we can do MORE. We can explain what most people do not know. Our clients deserve better, and we are trained to give it to them.


Craig is a seasoned mortgage professional with 10 years of experience and the current Manager of the FirsTrust Lee’s Summit Office. During his career, Craig has consistently been in the top 2% of Mortgage Planners in the industry.

Craig is dedicated to providing not just a mortgage to his customers but a full mortgage plan which helps them achieve their financial goals far beyond just their home. Ask him anything, you will never find any one more passionate about teaching you the basics of home finance, and the importance of a plan. His clients are his family for life, and he takes special pride in that!

Craig and his family enjoy their home in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Craig is a passionate Christian, and blends all those ideals in his dealings with his clients. Craig is equally passionate about his family, wife Meghann and daughters Elizabeth and Madilynn. In his free time, Craig is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys working on his ranch and riding motorcycles.

The Truth in Lending Show is brought to you by Mark McDougald (CEO) and Craig Miller (Senior VP) of FirsTrust Mortgage. www.getamortgageplan.com

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