Our Philosophy

No surprises. No hidden fees. No technical mumbo-jumbo. Just great communication
which makes for great web pages. Put simply – web pages made easy!

Dear Reader,

When I started my company, Easy Email Solutions, in 2008, I had one overriding goal – to make online marketing easy for small businesses.
Since then, we've helped over 200 clients bring their online marketing to the next level using a variety of cutting-edge tactics.

Easy Web Design Solutions was founded with the same philosophy. Too many of my clients were getting web pages made by either:

There just had to be a third option: well-designed sites, custom built and offered at an affordable rate to small businesses. That's why I launched this website - for Easy Web Design Solutions!

Please don't hesitate to contact us today. I'd welcome the chance to discuss your website further, and explain what our company would do to take your business's online presence to the next level.

Jordan Hellyer
Easy Web Design Solutions

Visa: New Opportunity Delivered Via Email

When the economic crises of 2008 hit, where most small business owners saw impending disaster, Jordan Hellyer of Easy Email Solutions saw opportunity. Jordan realized that the large marketing company for which he was working was a behemoth that the streamlined new business world would not easily support. Instead, he opened his own shop with a focus on emailing as a way for smaller businesses to ensure exposure despite shrinking marketing budgets. Jordan’s small business is agile, responsive and able to adapt to constantly changing web environments to give small businesses the advantage. Read more.

YEDaily: Jordan Hellyer

“I’m the President of Easy Email Solutions. We’re an online marketing company specializing in email marketing. The company kicked off in 2008, and since then has grown to 170 clients, three permanent employees and five part-time freelancers,” says Jordan Hellyer, entrepreneur extraordinaire. Jordan brought his ample experience working for large marketing companies to bear when creating a small business of his own that helps other small to medium businesses get heard in an increasingly overcrowded internet space. “They’d just stop expensive advertising, and switch over to tactics with better ROI, like email marketing and PPC,” says Jordan. Read more.

Notable.ca: The Notable Awards – The Final Fours

The Notable Awards buzz has been massive. The popular site launched a new endeavour to recognise rising stars in their respective fields. The inspiration has touched Canada's YPs the nationwide. Jordan Hellyer is over the moon to be nominated to the Top 4 Finalists in the Internet Startup and Technology category: “Being nominated as one of the four finalists in the Media & Communications category is very exciting. I’m very pleased that Notable.Ca is so dedicated to putting the spotlight on young professionals and celebrating their achievements,” says Jordan from Easy Email Solutions; an online marketing company that supports small and medium-sized businesses.
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