Safeguard corporate email

Corporate email is by far the application most used by an organization’s mobile workers. So it stands to reason that securing mobile email must be a top priority for your IT management team, which must simultaneously safeguard data while enabling mobile users to do their jobs.

So how do you accomplish both? With Secure Mobile Email from LetMobile. The truth is, you can’t steal what’s not on the device. LetMobile technology offers:

  • No data caching—data and credentials are not stored on the device, so there’s nothing to steal
  • Solid, one-of-a-kind mobile Data Leakage Protection (DLP) engine
  • Use of native email apps on a user’s preferred mobile device
  • No interruption of user experience during personal use

Avoid the Risks

106 million mobile devices, worth $30 billion, were lost or stolen worldwide in 2013.*

Enterprises could face a harsh reality if IT can’t secure corporate mobile email, content, and applications so users can do their jobs effectively. Avoid the risks by enabling people to use any mobile device for work without jeopardizing corporate data or risking their personal information.

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Secure Mobile Email from LetMobile is a Gateway-based approach to protecting email. The text—and even attachments—are streamed, not downloaded, to the device. You eliminate barriers for IT professionals and users with the strongest set of security services, access policy enforcement, and cost effective deployment and management.

LetMobile provides a true, secure BYOD-friendly solution with a familiar user experience that frees employees to stay productive, be compliant, and focus on their work.

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LetMobile Solution

The LetMobile solution is an approach that both IT and users can easily embrace. Online or offline, corporate data is always protected.